Our Coordinating Committee

Members of the Campaign Coordinating Committee
(in alphabetical order)

  Name Organizational Affiliation City, State
1. Bahman Azad Executive Secretary, U.S. Peace Council Paterson, NJ
2. Mark Burton Chair, Denver Peace Council Denver, CO
3. Rev. Paul Dordal Co-Director, Christian Alliance For Peace* Pittsburgh, PA
4. Margaret Flowers Co-Director, Popular Resistance* Baltimore, MD
5. Richard Giovanoni Chair, Chicago Peace Council Chicago, IL
6. Joseph Hancock Labor United for Class Struggle / LABOR TODAY* Los Angeles, CA
6. Ken Heard Chair, Philadelphia Peace Council Philadelphia, PA
8. Joe Jamison Chair, Queens (NY) Peace Council Queens, NY
9. Henry Lowendorf Chair, Greater New Haven Peace Council New Haven, CT
10. Teri Mattson Coordinating Committee, Sanctions Kill! Washington, DC
11. Manny Ness Chair, New York Peace Council New York, NY
12. Jim Pandaru Greater New Haven Peace Council New Haven, CT
13. Nancy Price WILPF – US Section* / Alliance for Democracy (US) Davis, CA
14. John Ratcliff Massachusetts Peace Action* Boston, MA
15. Tony Ryan Peace and Justice Activist San Francisco, CA
16. Martin Sawma Buffalo Peace Council Buffalo, NY
17. Walter Tillow All Unions Committee for Single Payer Health Care* Louisville, KY
18. Carley Towne Campaign Director, CODEPINK* Los Angeles, CA
19. Maya Wells President, Amnesty International at UNCC* Charlotte, NC

* For identification purposes only.