About Our Campaign

The purpose of Move the Money to Human Needs! campaign is to bring into the public discourse the destructive impact on the lives of the American citizens and the civilian economy, and to mobilize a nationwide grassroots movement to reallocate funds away from the military budget and to basic human needs of the population. In light of the failures of the federal, state and local governments in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, the urgency of cutting the military budget and using the funds for social services has become more obvious than ever.

We acknowledge the previous efforts made by other peace groups and local peace, social justice, and environmental justice  coalitions in the past and currently, and stress that our work is not a substitute but the continuation of the same work at a broader level. This is a broad campaign operating under name Move the Money to Human Needs, in which all participating organizations are equal partners.

Local activists joining the campaign will form their own local group under the name of this campaign. Member organizations of a local group will be listed as co-organizers of the local campaign. In case a Move the Money coalition already exists in a city, our local groups will cooperate and coordinate their work with the existing coalition. Our purpose is to bring forces together to create the broadest and most effective campaign against wasteful military expenditures, not to compete with others.

As the first step in this campaign, we are organizing a nationwide collective effort to pass city council resolutions in every city across the country, demanding that the military budget be cut and the funds be reallocated to human needs.

We recognize that state and city governments have no say in allocation of funds to the military. But we are also aware that the state and local governments are most impacted by lack of funds for healthcare, education, jobs, infrastructure and all other human and community services. We need to mobilize our local elected officials to raise their voices against the wasteful runaway military budget and demand that the federal funds be redirected to serving the human needs.

We invite all supporters of peace social justice and human rights to join us in the collective effort by endorsing this campaign, creating local move the money campaigns with the participation of all interested activists in their area, and demand that their city councils pass resolutions calling for reallocation from military to human needs.

This web site will serve as an organizing and educational tool as well as information clearing house for this campaign. We invite you to send us reports of your activities and efforts in support of the move the money campaign so we can publicize them. We also ask you to send us any relevant informational and educational material that you come across on the internet, or write about your experiences so other activists can benefit from them.